For Tampa Bay Parents Who are Time-Sharing

Parents who have time-sharing schedules can experience additional difficulties during the summer months. Most Tampa Bay, Florida parents who split time-sharing are in the final stretch of their time sharing. Our Tampa family law office has been busy with consults and phone calls from parents who are struggling with problems that are all too common with parents who are sharing time with their children. We’ve written about co-parenting during the holidays, and the time-sharing challenges associated with that, but summertime time-sharing for many parents means long distance time-sharing. This frequently equates to long periods of time away from their children which can be a “stresser.” Summertime co-parenting is in itself unique, just like your situation is unique. At the Tampa Family Law Office of Nilo J Sanchez and Associates, we have decades of experience in child custody and time-sharing resolution. We want to help you to combat some of the issues before, during or long after summer visitation is over.

child custody tampa bayLong Distant Time-sharing in Florida It’s particularly difficult for parents when there is a greater geographical distance between them. This is especially true if you have younger children who are leaving home for the majority of the summer. It can be a period of stress and worry for many parents, especially when it’s long distance time-sharing. Putting children on planes for the summer, long car-rides and anticipating long periods of time which can be 70% or more of the summer break, can be overwhelming. Add to that, parents who already have a hard time co-parenting, and the stress level goes off the charts. We understand how difficult it can be for parents.

Below we offer some tips for surviving long Tampa child custody attorneydistance time-sharing during the summer:

1. Remember the children can feel your anxiety. Putting your children first can be the sole cure for transitioning and surviving the summer. It’s important for you to encourage your child about time-sharing. Reassuring them with the positive aspects of their visit can set the tone for the summer!

  1. Prepare for communication while time-sharing. Thank goodness for Skype and other means of technology which allows children and parents to have face to face communication while away for extended periods of time. This should also ease your mind as well.
  2. Talk to your children. If you believe your children are feeling anxious or overwhelmed about leaving for the summer, the first thing you can do is allow them to talk about it. If you are successfully co-parenting, then both parents can work together to address your child’s concerns which helps to ease their minds.
  3. Problems during Time-sharing  –  Blended family issues can become an issue during summer visitation, whether it’s long distance or not. Many children experience difficulties a couple of weeks into their visit. Children who visit infrequently, often have the hardest time adjusting to step or half siblings. Having a family conference, even if by phone can help to alleviate some of the problems that can occur in blended family situations. If you suspect this has always been a source of anxiety for your child, you and your ex can discuss ways to alleviate this prior to the children leaving.
  4. High Conflict – Nothing can be more frightening than to know that your child is in danger especially if there is a substantial distance between you. If you believe that your child is being neglected or is otherwise not being cared for properly, then you must report this to authorities. Unfortunately, there are instances that warrant legal intervention. Stay calm, call the appropriate agency to assist you, and then contact our Tampa family law firm for a consultation. Child custody and time-sharing attorney Nilo J Sanchez, can recommend additional legal steps that you can take to protect your children’s rights and safety.

    Time-sharing in Florida – Older Children

– Older kids can really feel the pains of being away from “home” during long distance time-sharing. Teenagers may want to come home early. Talking about these potential problems and developing a strategy to combat these potential problems prior to visiting can help you, your ex and your children through this time. With a little or even Tampa child custody attorneya lot of courage and putting your children first, long distance summertime time-sharing can be a success! Remember, this is the new “norm.” However, if you have been having problems with time-sharing or custody matters, modification of time-sharing and child support may be indicated. Remember, never to take matters into your own hands by withholding the children from your ex, or becoming “unglued.” If you have gotten to this point, and you have questions or concerns about your custody case, whether it’s long distance in State or out of State time-sharing please contact the Tampa Family Law Firm of Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates 813-879-4600 or contact us to obtain more information or a consultation.

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