Establishing Paternity

Establishing Paternity & Hiring a Tampa Paternity Attorney to Represent You

If you are unmarried and wish to establish paternity in Tampa Bay, Nilo J Sanchez & Associates can help. If a paternity action has been filed against you call 813-879-4600 to schedule a consultation with Tampa Paternity Lawyers, Nilo J Sanchez & Associates. When you need sound representation in a paternity action in Tampa, Pasco or Pinellas County, Florida, we’re here to help. 

What is a Paternity Action

paternity action determines parental rights to a minor child or children who are born out of wedlock. If you are a father who wishes to establish legal paternity, consulting with an experienced Tampa Bay family law attorney will be highly beneficial and is recommended. If you are a mother who would like to establish paternity so you can obtain child support for your minor child and to establish a time-sharing schedule, please call our office for a consultation. Once your child is born, there are several ways to establish paternity in Florida and are as follows:

  • Marriage: When a child is born to a married couple, the child’s legal paternity is presumed.
  • Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity: Unmarried parents can sign a legal documeent in the hospital after the child is born, or any time thereafter they may sign an approved Acknowledgement of Paternity Form.  This does not establish legal custody, timesharing or child support. Please read below.
  • By Administrative Order Based on Genetic Testing or DNA Test: Paternity can be established if a genetic test proves fatherhood. Legal paternity can then be court ordered by a Florida Judge.Read : How to Establish Paternity Florida DOR

Reasons to Establish Paternity

It is common these days for parents to have children out of wedlock. Both fathers and mothers can seek to establish paternity and may seek do so for a number of reasons. Fathers may seek to establish paternity to secure their parental rights and to ensure that they can establish a meaningful relationship with their child. A mother may wish to establish paternity to get a court ordered timesharing schedule and an order for child support. In fact, if an unmarried mother seeks out financial assistance for a dependent child from the State of Florida, the State will look to establish paternity with biological father and subsequently an order for child support. Florida Law states that both parents must financially provide for their children. Although not presumed, equal timesharing and shared custody can be ordered by the courts. Whether you are a father or a mother seeking to establish paternity, hiring an experienced Tampa Bay paternity lawyer to represent you in these matters will be highly beneficial.

High Asset Paternity Cases – Child Support

Attorney Nilo J Sanchez is a skilled high asset paternity lawyer. When a father or mother has high net worth or is in a high profile position, paternity cases can become complex. As mentioned above, every child in Florida is entitled by law to financial support from both parents. Child support is calculated and determined according to Florida Child Support Guidelines and is governed by Florida Statutes. When one or both parties are high earners, each parent’s percentage and obligation amounts change drastically. Depending on the number of children that require support and the amount of income exceeding the guidelines schedule, a minimum child support obligation may be found to be unreasonable by the courts. In order to reduce the minimum amount amount of support more than 5%, the courts must give their written findings as to why they found the amount to be inappropriate. Since the courts can order child support that goes above or below the guidelines, it is very important to hire a skilled Tampa child support attorney who will protect your rights and the best interests of you and your children. Remember, child support is also based on the number of overnights spent with each parent. If you anticipate a custody or timesharing dispute, Nilo Sanchez is a top-rated AVVO child custody attorney prepared to handle any custody matter that may arise.

Family Law Attorney,  Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas County, FL

Nilo J Sanchez & Associates has the experience and resources you’ll need should your paternity case become complex or combative. Whether it’s a child custody issue, timesharing matter or financial matter, Attorney Sanchez’s goal is to achieve the very best results for you and your children. Our Tampa Family Law Firm has nearly 25 years of experience representing clients in high asset divorce and paternity cases. If you need a high asset paternity lawyer and one or both parties are high earning professionals, we can help.

  • Medical professionals
  • Professional Athletes
  • CEO’s
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Business owners or entrepreneurs
    Attorney Sanchez offers the discretion and sound legal solutions necessary in any family law matter. If you need to speak with a Tampa paternity lawyer, our family law firm represents clients who need to establish paternity, have been named in a paternity lawsuit or need legal counsel in a high asset paternity case. We represent clients in paternity & child custody cases in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas County, FL.
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