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Family Law Attorneys Wesley Chapel, Florida

If you are located in Wesley Chapel or the New Tampa area  in Pasco County and you are searching for a top rated divorce and family law attorney to help resolve a child custody or divorce matter, consider Nilo J Sanchez & Associates. With over two decades of experience practicing Florida Family Law and representing clients in the 6th Judicial Circuit in Pasco County FL, we remain focused on providing the very best legal solutions and representation to parents and divorcing couples in Wesley Chapel and surrounding locales.

Divorce Attorneys Wesley Chapel, FL

There are many Wesley Chapel Divorce attorneys to choose from. When you are looking to hire an attorney who’s focus isWesley Chapel Family Law Attorneys Family Law, and who has extensive experience representing men and women in contested divorces, high conflict or high asset divorces, contact Attorney Nilo J Sanchez & Associates to schedule a Pasco County divorce consultation.

If you’ve been served with a Petition of Dissolution of Marriage in Pasco County, FL it is important to read your documents carefully. Take note of when your answers to the Petition will be due. YOU MUST ANSWER THE PETITION OR A DEFAULT JUDGEMENT CAN BE FILED AGAINST YOU.  Your initial answers to a divorce petition are very important. Hiring the best Pasco County divorce lawyer for you and your situation, can be highly beneficial.

Child Custody Attorneys, Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, FL

Child custody and timesharing matters can quickly become emotionally charged and co-parenting difficult for some parents. If you’re a mother or father who needs to hire a Wesley Chapel child custody lawyer to represent you, we’re here to help. Whether you are unmarried and you’re seeking to establish legal paternity or you need to enforce a current timesharing order , we offer legal strategies and solutions that focus on your best interests and the best interest of your children.

All to often, high conflict child custody matters could have been resolved prior to it becoming a hostile situation. We understand that there are times when it is necessary for parents to assert their legal parental rights in court to ensure that their relationship with their minor children is not interrupted. Our Family Law firm can help parents who are divorcing with minor children to obtain their goals and help unmarried parents in Pasco County seek resolve to their timesharing issues.  Attorney Sanchez is a skilled family law mediator and a formidable child custody litigator in Pasco County. If you need to hire a child custody attorney in Wesley Chapel, New Tampa  or you need a Family Law Attorney in East Pasco County  and in West Pasco County for the following types of cases, please reach out to us.

Establish Legal Paternity
Emergency Pick Up Orders
Protective Orders
Relocation with a Minor Child
Enforce or Modify Custody/Timesharing
Parental Alienation
Divorce, Custody & Timesharing

Father’s Parental Rights
Mother’s Parental Rights

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If you would like to schedule a consultation for a divorce or family law matter in the 6th Judicial Circuit (Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Pasco County, FL) please call 813-879-4600 or leave us a secure message below.  We represent clients in Pasco County, Pinellas County and Hillsborough County, FL. 





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