Female Divorce Attorneys – A Client’s Preference

The process of hiring a family law attorney is a very personal choice that should never be taken lightly. It should not simply be limited to an attorney’s experience as a negotiator or litigator but your comfort level should be considered.

Monica Frost, Sanchez & Associates TampaHiring a Female Divorce and Family Law Attorney in Tampa Bay

Personal preferences must be considered when hiring a family law attorney. Legal matters such as divorce and child custody (time-sharing) can initiate varying degrees of conflict and emotion. Therefore, it is extremely important that you feel at ease with the attorney you hire. This means a Dad may feel more comfortable with a female divorce or child custody (time-sharing) lawyer, while another will prefer a male divorce attorney. Some women may feel more at ease working with a Tampa female family law attorney, while others may feel secure with a male attorney. Whether you choose to hire a male or female family law lawyer, each has its own advantages that are specific only to the client’s personal preference. However, it’s important to note that a seasoned Tampa family law attorney should have the ability to meet their client’s legal needs, regardless of gender preference.

It Matters to Us

Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates has been providing quality, focused family law legal counsel and solutions in Tampa Bay for 25 years. We are committed to the needs of the clients we represent. Although Attorney Sanchez possesses all of the skill and experience you need in a Tampa divorce and family law attorney, he realizes and respects the preferences of our clients. Therefore, if your preference is to hire a female divorce attorney in Tampa we can accommodate you. Our firm will be happy to pair you with one of our female divorce attorney who can represent you in the following types of family law cases:

Attorney Monica Frost Brandon Tampa LutzTampa Family Law Attorney, Monica Frost

Learn more about our female family law Attorney Monica Frost. Monica is a seasoned in Florida Family Law and can represent clients in all aspects of contested and uncontested family matters. She specializes in representing women and men in divorce, time-sharing, child support, military divorce, domestic violence, paternity and modifications of family law orders.

Family Law Attorney Monica Frost

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