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Equitable Distribution Florida 

Cut Off Dates

Marital assets and debts acquired and liabilities incurred by either spouse that are considered non-marital, are subject to equitable distribution between the parties by the Florida Court, set forth and governed by Florida Statutes 61/0075.

There are non marital assets and liabilities that are not subject to distribution between spouses and therefore it is important that you hire a Tampa divorce attorney who is experienced in negotiating and litigating matters of equitable distribution.

Dates for determination and classification of the value of your assets and liability amounts can be determined by the Courts and the judge will determine what is fair and equitable.  Generally, the dates established will be based on a formal separation agreement or the date in which a petition for divorce was filed.

For detailed information about hiring an equitable distribution lawyer in Tampa, Florida, please call for a consultation at (813) 879-4600. An experienced Tampa divorce attorney can assist you with answers you need regarding tax ramifications, selling of your marital home, alimony, support and how this will effect your future finances.

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