Marital Settlement Agreements

Marital Settlement Agreements in Tampa, Florida

A marital settlement agreement in Florida is used when a couple who is divorcing work together with their divorce attorney to reach an amicable settlement instead of litigating the details of your divorce in court. Hiring a divorce attorney to draft, negotiate Top rated Tampa Family Law Attorneyand mediate the terms of your marital settlement agreement helps to make sure that the agreement that is being entered into, is one that is in your best interest.

Tampa Divorce Attorney Helps you Mediate the Terms of Your Marital Settlement Agreements

Tampa Divorce Attorney Nilo J Sanchez and Associates assists our clients by negotiating and mediating the terms of the marital settlement agreement with their spouse and their attorneys. Attorney Sanchez is skilled negotiator with proven mediation skills. While we can draft your marital settlement agreement, we offer full legal support and services up until the entry of the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.

Why Use a Divorce Attorney if You Are Agreeing to Settle Amicably With a Marital Settlement Agreement?

Some divorcing couples prefer to settle their divorces amicably. This can be highly beneficial to both parties and even your family as a whole. You may believe that it’s not necessary to hire a Florida divorce lawyer to represent you, especially if you agree that you and your spouse can work out the details of your divorce without litigation. However, the unfortunate truth is that divorce can be a highly emotional event, even for couples who agree they should divorce. Often times couples will also agree to terms of a marital settlement agreement, only to realize after the divorce, that perhaps the agreement they entered into wasn’t in their best interest after all. Also, couples who may agree to settle amicably at first may find out midway that when their spouse said “amicably,” it meant that you would have to agree to the terms they defined. Terms that are not in your best interest.Marital settlement agreements

In short, there are a variety of scenarios that can take place when your are divorcing. Numerous factors can effect whether your divorce goes through with ease or with problems. Remember, a marital settlement agreement is a legal and enforceable contract. It makes sense to hire a Tampa Family Law Attorney who represents your best interests, protects your rights and will ensure that the marital settlement agreement you sign complies with Florida divorce law.

Abiding by the Terms of a Florida Marital Settlement Agreement

If you have agreed that your marriage is over and wish to follow through by means of a marital settlement agreement, you still should be absolutely certain that you and your spouse will be able to abide by the terms. Should either party not comply with the terms and conditions of your marital separation agreement you may either need to hire a Tampa Family Law Attorney to obtain an enforcement order, or you may need to hire a Tampa, Florida divorce attorney to defend you if you have been non-compliant. The very first step to avoiding either of these scenarios is to negotiate and mediate a divorce settlement that is solid.


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