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Attorney Nio J. Sanchez has been a practicing family law attorney in Tampa for over 24 years. The attorneys at our law firm are experienced, aggressive and skilled at negotiating high conflict family law matters. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Tampa who can represent you in a contested divorce, a complex divorce case such as in a high asset divorce case please contact us for a consultation.

Types of Family Law Cases We Handle

At the Tampa Family Law firm of Nilo J Sanchez & Associates, our attorneys handle a variety of family law matters. We believe that nothing is more important than you family. Often Complex and often highly emotional, couples who are divorcing still must settle things like child custody and time-sharing, child support, alimony and the distribution of assets. The Tampa family law attorneys at Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates are skilled to offer you legal representation that is focused on obtaining the very best possible results.

Establishing Paternity & Time-Sharing Tampa, FL

Family law cases involving children of unmarried persons are common and the attorneys at Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates are here to help. If you are a mother or a father who would like to establish paternity in order to establish time-sharing and custody  or to set child support, we can help.

In the case of unwed parents in Florida , the law designates the mother as the natural custodian of a minor child, thus giving the mother sole legal rights over the child until paternity is established. Father’s also have a right to establish paternity and a paternity lawyer in Tampa may petition the courts for time-sharing and parental rights. Regardless of whether the mother or father seeks to establish paternity, child support, child care, health care, time-sharing other matters regarding the minor child must be settled.

Our attorneys understand that paternity and parental rights cases can be highly emotional and can come with a great deal of conflict. Rest assured, the attorneys at Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates are experienced and focused on protecting your parental rights whether through negotiation and settlements or through litigation.

Parental Relocation  or Relocating with a Minor Child in Florida

If you are divorcing or if you are an unwed parent who wishes to establish paternity, frequently one or the other parent will wish to relocate with the minor child either as part of your final judgement or after your final judgement. When this is the case, representing yourself can be extremely difficult. Consulting with a parental relocation attorney in Tampa, Florida will be highly beneficial in presenting your case for relocation to a Judge. To learn more about the challenges that relocating with a minor child can pose, please schedule a consultation with Attorney Nilo J. Sanchez today.
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Focused on Family Law in Tampa Bay for Over Two Decades

Attorney Nilo J. Sanchez has focused solely on Florida Family Law for over two decades. As a family law and divorce attorney in Tampa, Florida Mr. Sanchez has experience litigating and negotiating family law cases in a variety of Jurisdictions including Hillsborough County, Florida, Pinellas County, Florida and East Pasco County, Florida. This is important because although Florida Family Law Statutes apply regardless of where you are divorcing in Florida, different Judges and Jurisdictions do have very specific differences. It is beneficial that your family law and divorce attorney to understand these differences.

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