Nilo Sanchez & Associates family law attorney in Tampa is an expert at assisting parents with child custody issues in Tampa bay one who understands the complexities of Florida law. The determination of child custody and timesharing in Florida is determined by many factors. Stability of the parent including financial stability, relationship between the child and the parent and even factors such as how a parent will encourage a relationship with the other parent are just a few things that the courts will review when considering child custody.

Often times, shared custody is awarded by the courts but when variables such as location of the parents and child is considered, shared custody may not be warranted.Shared custody means that both parents share legal as well as physical custody of the child or children. Shared custody means that both the father and the mother have the right to make decisions about health care, education, activities religion and other matters that affect the child or children after a divorce.

Seeking a Tampa bay child custody lawyer for representation can be very advantageous in child custody cases. Nilo Sanchez & Associates is an experienced Tampa child custody lawyer who knows Florida child custody laws as well as the Florida family court system. In any child custody or divorce case, it is wise to maximize a person’s legal rights and options by consulting with an experienced family law & divorce lawyer in Tampa bay.

Child Custody Attorney – Our Practice Jurisdictions

Pasco County Florida Child Custody Attorney –  We represent clients in the 6th Judicial Circuit in Pasco County, Florida.

Hillsborough County Florida Child Custody Attorney –  Child custody attorney representing clients in the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Hillsborough County. This includes Brandon, Riverview, Apollo Beach, Lutz, East Tampa, South Tampa and surrounding areas.

Pinellas County Florida Child Custody Attorney – Pinellas County child custody cases are heard in the 6th Judicial Circuit in Pinellas County, FL. This includes Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, St. Petersburg, Dunedin, Largo, Pinellas Park and surrounding areas in Pinellas County, FL.