Visitation and timesharing – Nilo Sanchez & Associates can assist with visitation, timesharing and custody matters, Tampa Bay.

Tampa Family Law

Tampa Family Law Attorney Nilo J. Sanchez, Jr. has been providing high quality legal services to the people of Tampa, Florida since 1993. Nothing is more vital than your family. Attorney Nilo J. Sanchez strives to provide only the most individualized and caring representation for Tampa family law needs. He is committed to creating legal strategies that are results-oriented, always bearing in mind the goal is to make choices that will ultimately be in the best interest for your loved…

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Family Law Attorney Tampa FL

Nilo Sanchez & Associates is an aggressive family law attorney in Tampa, Fl  experienced in handling variety of family law and divorce related cases in Tampa, Florida. Areas of our family law practice in Tampa includes handling divorces and family law matters such as: High net worth Divorces, Enforcement, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Contested and Uncontested Divorces, Military Divorce, Parenting Plans, Visitation, Relocation, Marital Settlement Agreements, Prenuptials, Mediations, Modification of Court Orders, Guardianships, Guardian Ad Litem, Celebrity Family Law, Recovery of Attorney’s Fees,…

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Child Custody

Nilo Sanchez & Associates family law attorney in Tampa is an expert at assisting parents with child custody issues in Tampa bay one who understands the complexities of Florida law. The determination of child custody and timesharing in Florida is determined by many factors. Stability of the parent including financial stability, relationship between the child and the parent and even factors such as how a parent will encourage a relationship with the other parent are just a few things that the courts will review when considering child custody.…

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