High Asset Divorce

Experience in Handling High Asset Divorce Cases, Tampa, Florida

If you are seeking a high asset divorce in Tampa, Florida and require the assistance of a skilled  Tampa Divorce Attorney who has experience with high asset divorce cases, Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates has the qualifications you need.  Mr. Sanchez has created legal strategies for complex divorces for 24 years.  He realizes that each family law legal matter is unique.  Our clientele includes CEOs, professional athletes, celebrities who require superb service and representation.

High asset divorces can cause even more stress to the parties involved. You’ve worked hard all of your life and it is my job to ensure that your net worth and assets are protected and your divorce settlement fair.  Financial matters tend to complicate matters and this is often true than when you are experiencing a high asset divorce.  Divorce is difficult for most couples, but wealthy spouses who are divorcing in Tampa, Florida suffer even more difficulty.  At the Law Office of Nilo Sanchez & Associates, you will find a Tampa divorce attorney who is experienced and prepared to represent you in every aspect of your divorce, including and especially high net worth divorces.

Mr. Sanchez’s practice is focused around in-depth legal knowledge, excellent communication with clients throughout the legal process.  Throughout the divorce process, Mr. Sanchez works closely with forensic accountants in protecting assets, discovering hidden assets as well as valuating businesses.  Tampa divorce Attorney Nilo Sanchez works diligently to protect the financial and emotional investments in a client’s marriage that include:

1.  Child Custody and Visitation

2.  Child Relocation

3.  Child Support

4.  Division of Assets and Property

5.  Business Valuation

Learn more about high asset divorces in Florida and why you may need a Tampa divorce lawyer with decades of experience litigating in Florida divorce courts, including:

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